How Baseball Is Changing with Modern Trends

Baseball is and always has been changing. The modern technology and new team goals have changed the game into a much different form.

It started out as an amateur sport with the loose organization of rules, but it became more organized over time. It started out with the size and materials used for the “batter box” and bases. Over the years, it grew into a much grandeur sports.

A significant change in baseball is removing the line between the Major League and Negro League. It stopped the segregation of players that marked the betterment not only of the sport but also of the country.

Lesser time

The Major-League Baseball has set up the new rule of limiting the ability of the batter to step outside the box between pitches. This change meant that the hitters lessen their glove-adjusting rituals they do.

Offense is decreasing

The new trend in baseball is strikeout to singles, but if you prefer offensive strategies over this, you might not like the new season. According to statistics, runs per game are falling each year. One factor that could be seen is lowering of the pitcher’s mound, which also decreased the home runs and walks.

Intentional Walk Rule: Changing for the better?

This recent change will inevitably affect baseball players and fanatic alike. Gone are the days when the pitcher would want to intentionally walk a batter, the Major League Baseball commissioner’s office, proposed that the bench would only signal to the umpire that the batter will be intentionally walked.  

This change of rule would speed up the game, as well as introducing a pitch clock for time reduction between pitches.

Not all the fans are happy about this change. People dread to see the excitement and unexpected things that are about to unfold in their eyes; this will prevent the possibility of a wild pitch, or the opportunity for a batter to swing at a pitch that strays too close to the plate.

Speeding up the game

It might be unnoticeable by a few, but the real baseball fans will surely notice some series of small changes to make the game a little bit faster. Some changes will include the ritual of throwing a four pitchout for an intentional walk. Also, managers will only have a limited decision-making time to make replay challenge.

No more marking on the field

Teams would no longer be allowed to place markers to help their defensive strategies.  All markings will now be banned, including the usage of paint, lasers, or the like to make markings.

Lastly, third base coaches are to only stay in the third-base coach’s box before each pitch, this is not a new rule, but they would be actively enforcing this.

The fact is, baseball has changed over time considerably. We must accept the fact that these changes will be applied sooner or later, these changes might upset us at first, but we need to remember that these changes are vital to making our viewing more fun and enjoyable – even at home.