Are PEDs Out Of Baseball Today?

The use of performance enhancing drugs (PED) has been part and parcel of baseball since the 1960’s. Every athlete wants to have a fair share of the limelight; they will, therefore, do anything; both honest and dirty to get to the top. That has been a lot of baseball over the years.

The ban on the use of PED was put in place in 1991. It was a small cosmetic measure because actual testing of athletes started in the year 2003. When reality began in the world of baseball, many athletes were convicted on account of the use of PED.

The sport of baseball is energy demanding. There is no way an athlete will want to maintain peak performance without going through channels. There are legitimate channels on the one hand; and on the contrary, there are the illegitimate means of achieving success- through the use of PEDs. One of the legitimate means is to find the best testosterone boosters on the market.

The fact that even coaches were involved in aiding their players in cutting corners shows how deep the use PED has eaten into the baseball profession. It’s one thing if a coach helps their players find the best wrist wraps for lifting weights but it’s another to help or enable them to use steroids. Can one therefore accurately say PED is out Baseball? The answer is an emphatic no. What with the denials of those that were caught but upon conclusion of investigations opened up to the crime?

I am not going to bore you here with a list of names of baseball players who have been convicted. It will be a waste of time if l go into the list of those notable baseball icons that missed being inducted into the baseball hall of fame on account of their past involvements in PED. The mere knowledge of testosterone boosters would have saved them a lot of issues.

Sports are now a money spinner; baseball is not left behind. The lure of money has made many athletes go the extra mile to cut corners. The ball can also be used to make some political gains, and that is why some governments connive to have the names of their athletes on the honors list by every means possible both legal and illegal.

The foundations of the check and balance of PED in baseball was laid on a faulty from the onset. Now consider this, you banned PED in 1991; you waited for four years before you started testing players- enough time for them to think of ways to cut corners. Isn’t that a funny and laughable stuff? Can we, therefore, say in all sincerity that PED is out of baseball? The answer is an emphatic no.

Baseball is energy demanding. You need a high dose of energy and raw stamina to see you through. You cannot get enough from natural food intakes. You need a supplement to support you. They are legitimate, and they produce excellent results. They are there on the shelf for your pick; generally, they are known as testosterone boosters. Any Baseball player will achieve results with them.

Performance enhancing drugs is still part of Baseball- that is the emphatic truth.

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