Are Steroids Out of Baseball Completely?

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Some athletes, like baseball players, have confessed to having used steroids out of baseball at some point during their professional careers, even for a long period of time, had their share of sanctions imposed against them, by sports associations and leagues.

In addition to suffering from these penalties, they also experienced unforgiving condemnation and censure from the general public.

This then poses the question, are steroids out of baseball completely?

The Common Reason: Steroid Use and the Pressure and Demand to Perform and Excel

Baseball is one of the many sports which demand great strength from its players to perform sometimes spectacularly on the field of play. Players push their bodies sometimes to and beyond their natural limits, and in doing so, become physically and mentally drained by the constant pain and physical stresses to their bodies, which come with the territory their chosen career dictates.

These extreme physical and mental obstacles make steroid use, in order to boost muscle strength and recover from injury, a rather tempting option. And many baseball players have given into this inviting promise, and used steroids despite the numerous, potential pitfalls.

Besides the troubling potential physical side effects, there is also the prospect of getting test and caught using steroids, which is banned by professional sports leagues, including baseball. And if caught, to date, it’s a professional kiss of death, frowned upon by the league, the media, fellow players, and most importantly, the fans.

However, to claim that steroids are a substance which can dramatically enhance an athlete’s physical strength may be an understatement.

Apparently steroids do more than strengthen the user’s body as scientific research has examined and proven. In fact, the controversial substance can do more harm than good to its user’s body. This is the reason why steroids have always made it into the headlines as a bone of contention in terms of legalities, issues with the integrity of the game, as well as health related concerns.

The Legal Parameters: Are Steroids out of Baseball Completely?

the advantages of using steroidsIn the United States, it is illegal to manufacture, sell and possess steroids unless the production and sales, and the purchase and use are made and settled with a licensed pharmacy and according to the prescription of a doctor for medical purposes.

In a country where steroids are officially illegal and where baseball is taken as a serious sport for career athletes and major recreation for audiences and enthusiasts, it should not come as a surprise that the involvement of baseball players in steroid use is so controversial.

While it is every steroids user’s personal and individual choice to take the substance, its use by many, and not just by baseball players and other athletes, still remains a public issue and concern. This is why there is the question of why steroids is banned in a freethinking country such as the United States.

What must be so wrong and bad about steroids that it is for the most part a taboo and even declared illegal?

The Health Concerns: Are Steroids out of Baseball Completely?

So what exactly do steroids do to the body of its user?

Basically, steroids are taken to increase the testosterone level of the body. Testosterone contributes to easy muscle and bone mass gain as well as can speed recovery from injury. While testosterone is naturally produced, at the appropriate level, by the human body, it is a part of a person’s biological composition, testosterone production induced and stimulated by steroids use will rather be disputed because the substance is inherently synthetic.

Rashes, acne breakouts and other disorders of the skin are just some of the less harmful and less dangerous side effects of a short term use of steroids. Steroids also affect the natural and innate functioning of the heart, the liver and the lungs.

Regardless if it is steroids use or abuse, just like any other synthetic drug or substance, steroids lead to adverse direct effects or side effects on the user’s bodily systems. Steroids are no ordinary substance, because their effects are so incredibly strong – just take into account how the substance manages to boost muscle and bone mass, rapidly, which is already questionable in itself.

Their negative effects are too extensive to be ignored and shrugged off as a concern for the public and the government. This is the reason why state and federal law bans steroids use.

Major League Baseball (MLB) Drug Policies: Are Steroids out of Baseball Completely?

major league baseball associationThe MLB is not at all exempted from the laws of the state and therefore the important sports association adheres to these laws.

It is clearly stated under the MLB’s drug policies that baseball players are prohibited from using steroids in any way.

Although it is widely assumed that the ban is because of the unfair advantage which a baseball player who uses steroids may have over another baseball player who does not use the substance, the connotation and assumption may not be true after all.

The MLB has its drug policies banning steroids use because it is compliant with the laws of the state – laws which, to begin with, are made, imposed and implemented for the protection and the general good of the country’s people. Particularly speaking about steroids use, laws are implemented against it because of the harmful effects and damages to the health that come with it as corroborated by the medical sciences.

It is not about steroids being widely believed to be a manner of “cheating” or of “gaining an unfair advantage” of a baseball player in order to greatly enhance his performance in the field and tip the scales to his team’s favor and chances of winning. That argument tends to take place by members of the media, former players and fans, in terms of how it affects the integrity of the game.

It is not at all doubtful that the reason behind the prohibition of steroids use is anchored on general health issues and concerns which cover the general public.

So, Are Steroids out of Baseball Completely?

will steroids be allowed for use on professional baseball athletesSteroids are banned for valid reasons. This rule is a reason why some players mask their usage by any means possible, in order to avoid detection by the MLB, they simply want to use steroids to gain a competitive advantage. This is a personal choice for that player and it is not impossible that there may be some who manage to get around the rules to slyly use the substance.

Given this logic, it may not likely true that steroids is finally out of baseball.

Another question is, is it even possible to keep steroids permanently out of the world of sports in general? A question for another day.

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