How Weight Training Has Changed Baseball

Over the years, weight training has become part of any sports program. Weight training was formerly used as a training program for specific games but today it is incorporated in almost any sports especially baseball.

Weight training then was just mostly for football players because back then, not too many people know the benefits of weight training in improving sports performance. Today, many athletes have seen improvements in their performances using weight training.

Exercise selection

While weight training is useful in improving performance, there is still the need to know what type of exercises would be best for baseball players. There will always be the general benefit of body conditioning by incorporating weights into a sports program, but if the exercises done aren’t for that particular game, working out might lead to poor performance and even injury. Correct exercise selection then must be made by the coach or trainer.

For bodybuilders, exercising every part of the body is needed for aesthetic purposes. For the baseball player, different body parts would need different amounts of exercise time. There would be more emphasis required for certain body parts and less emphasis for those that won’t be utilized much.

For baseball, players focus more on the core muscles. The stomach and back are exercised more frequently to strengthen and provide the necessary balance for players. Baseball players need that explosive move not just to throw the ball, but to hit it in the case of the batter. A healthy and stable core would help players to hit or throw the ball farther.

Also important for baseball players are the shoulders and arms, especially the forearms and wrists. Exercises to strengthen them should be done so as to improve the player’s performance.

Sports Protection

It is necessary to protect individual parts not just in weight training, but even out on the field as well. There is the danger of overusing such parts like the wrists, especially in baseball. For pitchers, the wrist is important as every pitch is dependent on wrist action. Damage over time can occur due to repetitive wrist use.

For that reason, players should have the top rated wrist wraps during strength training and on the field to minimize these injuries. The top rated powerlifting wrist wraps in 2017 would include the Harbinger Red Line Wrist Wrap and the Schiek Wrist Wrap. These wrist wraps are durable and provide some of the best protection for players and lifters.

There is also importance in protecting the knees. Base running can have its share of injuries. Accidents such as player collision or a wrong slide to the base can derail players. These can be minimized by having top rated knee wraps. Some of the best are Essential Fitness’s Knee Wraps,Harbinger Power Knee Wrap and the RDX Sports Neoprene Knee Support Sleeves. These would give extra protection for players and would minimize knee injury or pain while base-running.

Bottom Line

Baseball has come a long way. The old school thought that weight training isn’t for baseball has been replaced by showing its importance in improving sports performance in general. Correct exercise selection and proper guidance in how to do the exercises would significantly improve performance over time. Today, weight training has become part of any sports program, and many games have incorporated weight training to further enhance their teams.

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